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Parikshit Suri

Photographer Parikshit Suri breathes sheer splendor into your pictures as a radiant bride, making for memorable keepsakes. He creates a collusion of meticulously clicked and artfully arranged photographs to form your unique, luxe coffee table book, as opposed to a... (Continue reading)

Ria Krishnan

Ria Krishnan was born and raised in India. As a child, Ria found immense pleasure in painting and drawing. This recreational activity soon blossomed into a passionate hobby as her interest in artistic interpretations and depictions grew. Her formal education... (Continue reading)

Ajay Patil

Ajay Patil stays in western suburbs of Mumbai but he originally comes from village nearby where he did his schooling before coming to Mumbai for pursuing engineering degree. Engineer by profession and painter by passion is how he describes describe... (Continue reading)

Avantika Mathur

Avantika Mathur is an artist who lives and thrives in the city of dreams, Mumbai. But she wasn’t born in the city. She was born in Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), on 13th December 1988. Since then she has experienced the wind of... (Continue reading)

Babu Vijayanath

Babu Vijayanath is an aspiring artist from Kerala. He was born in Cherai, an amazing beachtown in Kerala on March 1982. After regular schooling, he went for a polytechnic diploma and selected IT as career. During his schooling and college... (Continue reading)

Akanksha Kadam

Curtains are slowly raising. A mixed aroma of essence sticks, flowers and perfumes is lingering in the cool air of the auditorium. After the initial prayers to the lord of arts, Ganpati, the Songadyas (clowns who also act like narrator)... (Continue reading)

Ashish Ali

Ashish Katara, better known by his stage name Ashish Ali, is a Bollywood Music Composer, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, and a Former Executive Producer, He has signed with Greenfield Motion Pictures & Wide Eyes Open Entertainment, for the upcoming Bollywood movies... (Continue reading)

Arti Chauhan

Arti is a self-taught portrait and figurative artist living in England. Born and brought up in India and having spent most of her life here, a substantial amount of her work relates to India and its people. Born in the... (Continue reading)

Gaurang Makhija

In the milieu of upcoming talents, we find that the beautiful masterpieces created Gaurang Makhija hold a special place. Born in the city of Taj on 14th day of January, 1993, this prodigy possesses a talent for easy-going strokes of... (Continue reading)

Lalita Karamchandani

Live life positively and beautifully is Lalita’s mantra of life..happiness and peace is the nature of her soul. So whatever the circumstance may be, she never loses faith. Lalita was born and raised very normally in a joint family with... (Continue reading)

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