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Vishal Sharma, Editor

Vishal Sharma

Dear Readers,
Welcome to Indian Talent Magazine, the first overseas venture of Talent Magazines, Inc. This monthly magazine is focused at the Indian community, living in India or abroad, highlighting individual talents and giving the talented Indians a platform to promote their talent on an international level.
We are already publishing over 50 Talent Magazines across the United States, featuring thousands of talent profiles every month for the past four years. In December, Talent Magazines will be publishing the golden edition of Sacramento Talent Magazine, while also entering the fifth year in publication.
At this wonderful juncture, nothing could be more exciting than launching a Talent Magazine that is solely dedicated towards promoting talented Indian ethnicity individuals from around the globe. Another magazine targeting the Latin American market is also in the works.
With the launch of Indian Talent Magazine, our publications are now reaching millions of readers every month and spanning two major continents of the world. The magazine is initially available in an online-only mode, with a print-on-demand facility extended to all our readers. The magazine is also downloadable for reading on iPads and Android tablets.
Later, in the year, we plan to introduce the magazine in print circulation, with our correspondents posted at various metropolitan centers of India as well as the rest of the world, to let the world know about the Indian Talent that is yet to come out into the limelight.

Till we meet again
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Vishal Sharma


  1. Amit Kothari says:

    I have Certain Image on “Nomadic Life” . How can i submit them to the magazine.

  2. AVISHEK NATH says:

    i have some digital paintings, and i want to explore it…., so plz contact me

  3. ASHOK KHANT says:

    Vishal Sharma ji  
    I am an artist , from Gujarat my work and profile you can see on my  website (Blog
    Ashok Khant

  4. HI, Yours Magazine is so good . If you want new concept in review for me please you send email.

    True genius is eternal.
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    Charulata is merely a “ beautiful object “ in her husband , Bhupati’s collection – like his statuettes, his books, his art. Something he owns, but not necessarily cares for.
    She reclaims subjectivity for herself : with her writing and her intense physical desire for Amal, a prohibited relationship. Charu is conscious of the violation of Bengali convention but does not shy away from expressing it. She is not even upset when her own brother steals from her husband, so alien are they to each other .
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    Charu moving like a restless butterfly – switching from lorgnette to the embroidery frame to a pack of cards to a paan – box.
    Charu peeping out behind a pillar of the long balcony to look at Amal when Bhupati is telling him of the theft .
    Charu swinging away to daydream and perhaps discover a subject to write on .
    Charu writing in her journal, crumpling up sheets of her “ rough “ work and throwing them away .
    Charu hitting Amal with the magazine where her article is published .
    Charu scolding the servants for small lapses in their work .

    Gautam painstakingly evokes a bygone era. Every nuance of home, furniture, dress, style, embellishment , is lovingly captured. From Charu’s bejewelled hairpins , to the fine pleats of Amal’s dhoti, each detail shown with such care. The carved furniture, the chequered floors , the marble statuary , the coloured skylights , long corridors , shuttered windows , European pianos , providing the rich backdrop for Charulata in her varied activities , flitting from object to object , trying to make some sense of her life. Objects that mean so much more to her than their physical reality .
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  5. Hi sir I have very good pictures m doing photography since last two year . I have win a first prize in times of india and taj mahotsav photography competition. I want submit my photography in ur indian talent magazine. Pls sir reply me soon.

  6. Hello Iam Martin from India,A.P,Rajahmundry  Camera has been my all time favourite since my childhood. photography took me and my life to another wonder world. It make me to show more interest on photography than studies. dAY-BY-DAY I increased my interest in photography. It make me realize to dedicate my life to photography. I failed in every attempt I did in studies. As a failure in studies I feel proud of my talent in photography. My dream is to become a famous person with my photography.  Please publish about me and my talent in magazines help and support me..   check my Facebook page here

  7. ayush solanki says:

    hi vishal.
    i have some pictures clicked by me.
    and i want them to come in magazine.
    i am not a professional but medium photography.
    i do wild life photography but also clicked natural photos.


  8. When are you going to publish the next issue? Your FB page is nearly one year old. 

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