Usha Shantharam

Usha Shantharam

Usha Shantharam

Usha Shantharam is a fine-artist based in Bangalore India.  Her artistic journey started right from her childhood days at Pondicherry, where she won many prizes for art at school and college. Born in 1956, she is a graduate in Home Science.
Usha’s journey continued through her college days, when she used to draw caricatures of her lecturers, which used to be passed amongst giggling students during class. Her drawings always brought a smile into the faces of her lecturers and lightened the moment.
An admirer of the style of Master Artist Claude Monet, Usha’s paintings can be described as portrayed in the ‘Contemporary Impressionism’ style. Best viewed from a distance, impressionist paintings are made up of visible short strokes rather than a smooth realistic finish. Her signature techniques include using of special glazing methods and pure paints to create paintings. She typically never uses pure black, but mixes her own chromatic darks instead.
The subject of her figurative paintings are based on day to day real life moments and experiences, as she believes that painting from real life is the truest form of expression. She enjoys painting her landscapes ‘en plein air’, meaning – on location from real life. She also paints portraits of people in real life sittings. She has a passion for

Usha Shantharam - Body Language Series - 2

Usha Shantharam – Body Language Series – 2

experimenting with interesting new color combinations, unusual angles, and the play of light and shadows in her paintings.  Her paintings convey a sense of peace and balance in the mind of the viewer.
Her ‘Body Language’ series of paintings gives a peek into the life of  the common Indian man/woman; whom we see every day, and yet do not have the time to look and appreciate the beauty of their simple attire, poise, posture and lifestyle.
Her ‘The Drawing Room Musings’ series is a collection of ‘en plein air’ paintings of Indian Landscapes done on location at Lal Bagh Bengaluru, Mysore University Campus, Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary and Ooty.
Usha Shantharam’s latest ‘LAYA’ series is a tribute to her mother and was done inspired by the beautiful dancers of the ‘Khajuraho Festival of Dance’
Her most exciting experience was when invited by BBC World News Hangout, to take part in a discussion titled ‘What makes Art Iconic’, hosted by none other than than Will Gompertz – BBC Arts Editor, and Benjamin Zand – producer/BJ at BBC World. Her painting ‘Mahishasura Mardini’ was featured during the show and described by Benjamind Zand as ‘a wonderful piece of art’.
Usha Shantharam has exhibited extensively all over India in 12 group shows and two Solo shows including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Calcutta and Goa. Whenever time permits Usha Shantharam shares her knowledge of painting techniques over her weekend classes.
She is also an avid blogger, and in her art blog called ‘Usha’s Fine Art Creations, she writes about her art and uploads images of her latest paintings. Very popular is her ‘Fine Art America’ site, where prints of her paintings are available for purchase, and she especially enjoys comments on her paintings from artists’ world-wide.
She is a member of many online Art Communities, and is actively followed by numerous art lovers on Social Medias.
Usha Shantharam is an internationally renowned artist and her paintings can be found in the private collections of Collectors from India, U.S, UK, South Africa and Australia.

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